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    Definitely the strangest year I have ever experienced, Years are just a counter but unlike any of the years past, I have felt like I have been missing out on something.

    In mid October I lost my favorite piece of me. My pork, for the majority of six years, I was at her mercy, If she would ask me for something, ask for me to drive 40 miles to hang out with her for 40 minutes I did it. I have a feeling no one will ever read this but, this is for me, I know what she meant to me, and If i don’t put it in words for anyone to read then everyone might have think I was completely heartless. I was their when she said her first words, “No, Binson” I taught her to walk, and was their when she took her first steps. I was the one who made her tooth loose, thats the only time I made her cry. Gosh I laughed so hard.  Before She could walk I made her the Mayor of my town, by the time she could talk, she had turned into the Senator of my state. And after six years, I put every star around her. (center of the universe). My dreams of recent put my mind at ease and made me realize that she will always be my favorite lady. 

    My other ladies will be easier because I knew they were going to leave me. 

    Panda, I knew you were going to end up getting married, you always wanted to find a boyfriend who would treat you the way you deserved. It came with the cost of you moving to Dallas. jeeze. 

    And my Final pain in my ass,Those big green eyes thank you a million times over for always brining me food, thank you for picking me up every time I didn’t want to drive. One day you will make some man crazy happy. Out of all the aventures we had my favorites would have to be the ones where we drove around and did nothing but drive. The times where we would watch random movies or cartoons with the volume off and we would made up our own script. We have had too much time to do nothing. Thank you for annoying me, as much as you do. So you decided you wanted to move to New York to  be an actress, model and photographer. Thanks for showing me so much attention it was my honor. 

    If I didn’t have such a good memory social life would be easier. Since I remember everything its hard to forget things.  So for 2013 life begins where fear ends.  Watch me.

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